parts2clean, 23 - 25 October 2018
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Exhibitor statements

Virtually every conversation transitioned rapidly to in-depth, detailed business dialogue, due in large measure to the fact that an impressively high 99% of the show's visitors were industry professionals.

"We encountered a lot of international visitors – people from countries like France, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Turkey. Most of them were here primarily in order to gather information, but there were also some with specific projects in mind who requested quotes right then and there."
Detlef Lang, Technical Sales Optical Microscopy, Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH

"We presented our new ultrasound generator at parts2clean and attracted a great deal of interest on the part of customers and new prospects, alike. As a result, we were able to bring two projects to a successful close right here at the show."
Sales Director Florian Weber, Weber Ultrasonics AG

"Throughout the three days of the show we found ourselves in constant dialogue with parties interested in implementing CO2 snow cleaning as an integral process in their production and assembly lines, thus testifying to the steady rise of this technology as an enabler for Industry 4.0. As a result, we generated a lot of high-caliber leads and fielded a lot of promising inquiries. Not only that, we also managed to sell a manual, turnkey cleaning system."
CEO Hans-Jörg Wössner, acp – advanced clean production GmbH

"We've been exhibiting at parts2clean regularly for several years, and this year the show was excellent for us. We will definitely be back next year."
Alberto Tromponi, President of Italian parts cleaning firm Cemastir Lavametalli srl

"This was our first time exhibiting at parts2clean, so, needless to say, we wanted our showcase to be a success. Well, I'm pleased to say our expectations were met in every respect. The show was professionally run and very well organized, and we made a number of valuable contacts; so, yes, we will be exhibiting again in 2018."
Joe. A. Kennedy, Vice President of UK firm Andritz Powerlase Ltd

"We used this year's parts2clean to appear under our new Ecoclean Group brand while at the same time demonstrating to visitors that they can expect the same professionals, the same technology and the same great quality they have come to know and value. The response was tremendous.Practically every visitor at our stand was there with specific particulate or film decontamination projects in mind."
Rainer Straub, Director Sales, Ecoclean GmbH (previously Dürr Ecoclean)

"We got talking with many highly promising prospects who had come to us in search of solutions to the real-world challenges they are facing. They were from a very wide range of industries and countries, and the talks we had with them were a goldmine of information. What's more, all the big-name cleaning plant manufacturers are represented here, so for us as manufacturers of cleaning media, there were plenty of opportunities to initiate and grow key relationships."
Heiko Barth, European OEM Manager at Houghton Deutschland GmbH

"We've been exhibiting at parts2clean for 10 years. It's the No. 1 event on our tradeshow calendar, and it always delivers. We always manage to meet up with customers and prospects from around the world, and we value the opportunity to network and discuss specific projects face-to-face with our European cleaning plant partners."
Chuck Sexton, Chief Product Line Manager Industrial of the U.S.-based chemicals supplier Kyzen


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