parts2clean, 24 - 26 October 2017
Online advertising on the web, the app and in the newsletter

Maximize your digital reach

The website, newsletter and app are precision-targeted, high-reach media for your advertising message. Over 90% of the trade show visitors refer to them when deciding who and what to see at the show.

  • Website banner ads
    The website is the most important source of information and therefore a highly effective medium for connecting with your target audience.
  • In-app ads
    There is a whole range of in-app advertising options for you to choose from, including logo placement in the hall layout plan and banner ads.
  • Newsletter ads
    The parts2clean newsletter is published regularly and keeps its 31,000 subscribers up to date with key facts and trends. It is an extremely effective medium for your advertising message.

See below for details of our advertising contacts and our Media Information for Online Advertising.


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