parts2clean, 24 - 26 October 2017
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parts2clean News | 31 Aug. 2017

Providing the key to reliable, efficient component cleanliness

Leading trade fair to showcase numerous innovations and refinements. Presenting wide-ranging expertise on the cutting-edge optimization of... more

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Clean-room systems | 27 Jun. 2017

Right on track with new special exhibition and high exhibitor numbers

Ever-popular Expert Forum offers quality bilingual presentations on parts cleaning. New special exhibition: Cleanroom Analysis Process... more

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parts2clean News | 29 Mar. 2017

New cleaning challenges to be addressed at parts2clean 2017

Staying ahead of the competition with state-of-the-art cleaning solutions more

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parts2clean News | 03 Nov. 2016

Parts cleaning: cleanliness alone is not enough

Whether we are talking about intermediate or final cleaning, the purpose of industrial parts cleaning is to ensure the necessary degree of... more

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parts2clean News | 28 Sep. 2016

Good prospects for autumn 2017

Although parts2clean is not scheduled to take place again until more than 12 months from now (24 – 26 October, Stuttgart), the Leading... more


parts2clean News | 06 Jun. 2016

parts2clean 2016 delivers quality and quantity

Held from 31 May to 2 June, the 14th parts2clean international trade fair for industrial-parts and surface cleaning put in a solid... more


parts2clean News | 31 May. 2016

Focus on quality, process reliability and efficiency

Whether degreasing, cleaning, demagnetizing, bath maintenance, automation, cleanliness inspection, corrosion protection, or the handling and... more


cleaning of parts and surfaces | 12 Apr. 2016

Clean solutions for the consistent and effective cleaning

When products need to be cleaned prior to further processing or to ensure their proper functioning, consistent quality standards and low... more


parts2clean News | 21 Mar. 2016

parts2clean Industry Forum - How to optimize processes and cut costs

In virtually every branch of industry, the cleanliness of parts has become a key quality criterion – and a competitive factor of decisive... more

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parts2clean News | 29 Jan. 2016

Getting clean and staying clean

Whether car and automotive parts industry, medical technology, aviation, precision engineering, optics or electronics – in many sectors,... more

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parts2clean News | 28 Oct. 2015

prime source of industrial cleaning solutions and know-how

Regardless of whether the cleaning task at hand is highly complex or fairly simple, the cleanliness of surfaces and components and the... more