parts2clean, 24 - 26 October 2017
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After Show

Visitors with top decision-making authority

The visitors came from a total of 25 countries, with those from outside Germany making up 20 percent. The largest foreign contingents came from Switzerland, Austria, France and Italy, followed by Spain and the United Kingdom.

Quality leads and promising new ventures

clear controlling

Sixty-five percent of the trade visitors were from EU countries, 25 percent were from other European countries, and around 10 percent were from Asia and the USA. The top four visiting nations were Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. The statistical breakdown also shows that mechanical and plant engineering, automotive manufacturing, surface technology and treatment and metalworking were the top visiting industries.

Meanwhile, 35 percent of the visitors took advantage of the learning opportunities offered by the simultaneously interpreted (English<>German) presentations at the parts2clean forum. The Guided Tours, with their new bilingual German/English format, likewise generated a great deal of interest among the show's international trade visitors.


This year's show offered two tours daily, one on "Resource-Efficient Cleaning Processes and Media," and one on "Quality Assurance and Analysis." The feedback from the exhibitors selected for inclusion in the tour routes has been very positive, and many of the exhibitors have signaled their interest in participating in the Guided Tours again at the next parts2clean show.