parts2clean, 23 - 25 October 2018

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All the advantages of component washing are lost if the individual components are subsequently assembled in an industrial working environment, whereby the cleanliness of the entire assembly no longer lives up to the quality of the individual components. The solution is obvious - have the components assembled and finally packed in the same place as they are professionally washed. From simple plug and connect assemblies to more elaborate work such as ball press-in and seal tests.
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Contract washing

In all modern production operations, component cleanliness is a critical factor in the product's function as well as a major selling point. We offer many different washing methods from simple component degreasing to reaching the highest limits according to customer specifications. - Ultrasonic - more

Inspection of Technical Cleanliness

Industry is demanding ever high levels of component cleanliness. Stringent requirements on function, quality and service life require products to be washed economically and ecologically and their cleanliness reliably and reproducibly analysed. Manufacturers and service providers are therefore more frequently more

Parts assembly

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The entire process chain is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness achieved in the washing. The requirements must be consistently met from manufacture to distribution. We therefore pack your components into your packing means according to your wishes. - Individual packing - Special packing more

Rotary indexing table systems

In a rotary indexing system, the parts to be washed go successively through the various processing stations in a circle, taking up very little space. This makes the loading position identical to the unloading position, which can be handled by a single robot or any other kind of automation system. The more

Chamber systems

In a chamber system, parts are washed, rinsed and dried in one and the same chamber. Because of the longer time this takes, it is better for performing batch jobs. The components are placed in baskets or, in the case of larger sizes, directly into the chamber. Additional process steps can be performed, more

Linear systems

Linear systems are excellent for applications with continuous material flow. Parts to be washed go through several process steps (washing, rinsing, drying) in one tunnel. Various types of component conveying can be employed as a free-standing system or integrated into production lines. Special features: - more

Linear indexing systems

Indexing systems based on linear systems have additional advantages. Precise positioning of the washed parts allows problem zones and difficult geometries to be worked, e.g. blind holes, threaded holes or undercuts. Furthermore, channels can be adapted to allow complete rinsing. Reuse of carriers also more

Combined systems

As a special machine manufacturer, we develop the washing system that meets all requirements and customer demands, including combining various individual processes into an overall process. Spray equipment can be combined with a dipping basin and ultrasound support, for example, or spray and turning equipment more

Ultrasonic systems

Ultrasonic washing is highly popular and is now used for fine washing in nearly all industries. Dipped into detergent water, the sound waves in the medium can create cavitation bubbles that implode on the component, which produces the washing action. From the smallest individual machines to fully automatic more


Many equipping options and accessories in the form of appliances and auxiliary devices are available for our washing systems. - Equipment for bath maintenance (oil separators, filters) - Vacuum drying - Rinsing stations - Cooling and drying lines - Process water supply and treatment - more

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