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Spare Parts
Only from us and our service partners will you receive the original spare parts for your units. This is how you can maintain your production and rely on the top quality of Knoth parts. We're happy to offer you support at:
- choosing the necessary spare parts
- outfit packages for new- and existing systems
- Tailor made spare parts packages for your production lines or complete plant

To contact, write a mail to

Regular maintenance of your systems have a high influence on the constant optimized productivity as well as a continuous high cleaning result. As a creator of innovative cleaning systems, we from Knoth have a strong focus on customer support - also after delivery. We offer:
- Analysis of your service requirements
- Tailor made service contracts
- On-site support
- Flexible solutions without contract commitment

Please contact us at

Refurbishments / Optimizations
Get maximum results out of your systems - Because of our ongoing development of our cleaning technology, we are able to optimize your systems cleaning result and energy consumption.

Have the requirements been changed? - No need to change to another system. We'd be glad to check and inform you with the possibilities of refurbishments, increasing capacities or other possibilities to adapt to of altered operating conditions.

Please contact us at

We have been one of the key suppliers of pneumatic products for decades. Knoth excels at having a fast product availability and custom made solving skills.

Please contact us at

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Surface Aircleaner®

Field of application - Between each machining step to increase the cleanliness of the working piece and the production line - When switching medium in order to reduce or prevent different media to mix (e.g. before washing machines, before and after honing machines, in transition from wet-machining to more

Precision Aircleaner®

Fields of application - Pre-cleaning of the working pieces followed by a defined cleaning of the contact areas before assembly processes Targets - To achieve a smooth assembly (e.g. hon template, bearing cap, valve seat insert and guide etc.). Replacement of cleaning systems on a liquid basis. Differentiation more

Vacuum Tunnel

Fields of application - Drying units, which can dry off working pieces thoroughly after washing. Targets - Trouble-free leak tests, residues, which might Trouble-free leak tests, residues, which might cause corrosion, can be removed. Differentiation from the competition - Very compact size of the unit - more

Temperature regulating unit

Fields of application - Cooling of working pieces using cooling nozzles heating of working pieces using infrared Targets - Achieve working pieces with constant Differentiation from the competition - Constant resulting temperatures even with varying initial temperatures - Shorter cycle times possible more


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