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Everest Electromechanic TunClean washing systems are suitable for the cleaning and chemical treatment in general of details with a simple shape (flat surfaces, absence of critical recesses) where accurate positioning in the active areas is not necessary.
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The cleaners may include pre-cleaning, cleaning with pressured chemically water unit, rinsing unit and drying unit to accomplish any process required. The design, configuration and number of washing stages in the tunnel, is suited to customer specifications. In the case of a tunnel with a conveyor belt, the components are loaded on to a conveyor (with a fret mesh or bars) which conveys the pieces through the different steps of cleaning process. The pieces are generally conveyed on a line conveyor. The speed of conveyor can be obtained by user.

Operating Details
In TunClean systems, the pieces are automatically transferred from stages to stage by a conveyor until the process is completed. Pieces are first transferred to the cleaning units. When cleaning is complete, the pieces are transferred to the rinse units to remove the detergent residues used in the cleaning units. Transfer to the drying unit will follow to dry the rinse water from the pieces. Any combination of processes may be included. Fitration and oil seperator should add to systems as an option.

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