parts2clean, 5 - 7 October 2021
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parts2clean a clear success through quality, size and international profile ‒ despite a difficult economic trend

At the close of parts2clean on Thursday it was evident for all to see: parts2clean 2019 had not only fulfilled the expectations of most exhibitors ‒ it often surpassed them. The International Trade Fair for Industrial Parts and Surface Cleaning attracted even more trade visitors than in its record year of 2018. More significantly, the audience generated serious and potentially lucrative business enquiries and projects. In short, the trade visitors arriving at the Stuttgart Exhibition Grounds were intent on doing business.

17. parts2clean, 22 bis 24 October 2019

Over a period of three days, parts2clean again offered a global platform for information and acquisition with 230 exhibitors from 20 countries taking part in the 17th edition of the event. Some 4,250 trade visitors from 48 countries attended the display in the Stuttgart exhibition halls looking for information and solutions to the problems and daily challenges facing them in their industrial segment. This flagship international event matched, if not exceeded, the results of the previous year.

The proportion of foreign visitors rose slightly to 22 percent. 63 percent of them came from EU countries, while 28 percent came from other European countries. This means that one in ten foreign visitors came from outside Europe. As could be expected, the biggest number of visitors came from Germany and Austria. After these two countries the biggest contingents of visitors came from Italy, France and the United Kingdom.

Trade visitors with decision-making competence – and a clear interest in investing and finding solutions

The serious, business-like nature of the talks that take place during parts2clean is underlined by the consistently high proportion of trade visitors: 99 percent of all attendees. Many are involved in decision-making and more than half of them are either from top management or hold an important position in management. This year, 86 percent of the attendees were involved in making their company’s investment decisions, a figure slightly above the results of the previous event. Some 76 percent of the trade visitors reported that they came to parts2clean with the firm intention of making investment and procurement decisions. Of this number, some 77 percent plan to invest within the next twelve months. Among 39 percent of the visitors intending to invest, the amount involved exceeded €100,000.

Company representatives from diverse sectors and areas of industry

The biggest contingent of visitors continues to be the automotive sector with 39 percent of the total number of visitors. Mechanical and plant engineering accounted for 32 percent of the visitors, which represented a nine percent increase on the previous year. Other important industrial sectors responsible for large numbers of visitors were the metal-working industries, surface treatment and processing, pharmaceuticals, the chemicals industry, process technology and the electronics and electrical engineering industries. The encouraging presence of visitors from a broad cross-section of industry was able to offset the slight fall in numbers from the automobile industry.

Growing importance of parts cleaning

Irrespective of the type of industry, whether in traditional processes or in new applications such as additive manufacturing, e-mobility or new developments in semi-conductor technology, parts cleaning is playing an increasingly important role as a factor in product integrity and quality. In fact, parts cleaning is becoming a major factor in a growing number of sectors and for an ever-greater range of components. Obviously, the visitors to this international flagship event are fully aware of this trend and recognize its global significance. For this reason, nine out of ten visitors to the trade fair intend to come again.


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Exhibitor statements

Exhibitor statements

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