parts2clean, 5 - 7 October 2021
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The world's first waterproof ultrasound generator

The world's first IP67 ultrasound generator enables the hermetic encapsulation of all electronic components and prevents the soiling of the internal parts.

12 Oct. 2017

The waste heat generated in the housing is discharged to the environment in a highly effective manner via new, external cooling ribs. Thus, the SG generator can be operated without restrictions both in damp rooms and in the open air. In combination with a fully water-tight immersible transducer, the generator provides a heavy duty retrofit solution for existing cleaning baths. The customer-tailored transducers are attached to the side walls or the bottom of a tub and supply the entire tub with an intensively cleaning cavitation field. The maximum ultrasonic power per generator is 1,500 watts.

BANDELIN electronic at parts2clean

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