parts2clean, 22 - 24 October 2019
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To spark even more interest among your customers and leads and leverage the
show’s huge brand impact, be sure to display its official logo in all your ads, brochures, etc.


Our advertising aids are available in PC and Apple Macintosh file formats as follows:

  • Internet - For Web use (e.g. GIF, EPS, etc.)
  • Office - For use in office applications (e.g. TIFF, JPEG, etc.)
  • Print - For printing (high-res files, e.g. EPS, PDF, etc.)

Important usage note:

The brand names and logos of our events are the legal property of Deutsche Messe AG and are protected as registered trademarks. Logo downloads are only provided for promotional use by companies and organizations participating in our events, as well as for journalistic coverage. Please note that our logos may only be used if not modified in any way whatsoever. Because they are intended to be a combination of event name and graphics, these elements may not be separated for individual use. Furthermore, it is not permissible to redraw, distort or otherwise manipulate them. The logos must be used exactly as in the original files provided by us.


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