parts2clean, 5 - 7 October 2021

Reasons why you should host a presentation


Be part of the action when users of industrial cleaning technology attend the show, armed with their list of concrete tasks and projects. Don't ignore this opportunity to win new customers and gain a foothold in new markets.

THE networking hub for industrial parts and surface cleaning

parts2clean is staged annually in Stuttgart – in direct vicinity to the full range of user industries like mechanical and plant engineering, automotive and metalworking. Thanks to its optimum infrastructure, parts2clean connects the Y-junction of Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria, putting it geographically at the center of the market!

Active lead generation among the relevant business partners

Professionals with a high degree of decision-making authority and concrete investment plans come from all over the globe to take advantage of parts2clean, where they can find out about the latest developments and trends. These visitors are on the lookout for product innovations and new business leads, services and processes to help them find the ideal solutions for their projects.

User networking hub, focusing on concrete tasks

parts2clean is characterized by the practical focus of its visitors, who come with concrete questions and problems that need to be solved. Trade visitors are in the market for direct dialog so they can find out more about the available solution approaches and solidify their investment plans.

Get a valuable information edge for your business

The trade professionals at parts2clean are looking for specialized knowledge and information about the industrial cleaning of components and surfaces. Along with current projects, the focus is also on future user requirements and trends and developments in the field. This information provides a knowledge edge and a competitive advantage, making it indispensable for successful suppliers of industrial cleaning technology.

Network on the latest trends and background themes

The key players in industrial parts and surface cleaning convene at parts2clean, where manufacturers and users come into direct contact with each other, exchanging experiences and discussing the relevant issues in an open environment.