parts2clean, 22 - 24 October 2019
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Special display

process flow component cleaning with cleanliness control

The CEC is demonstrating the entire ultra-fine cleaning process, including verifying the cleanliness of parts.

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How to reach the required component cleanliness and how to prove it

For the first time this year at the parts to clean a special show will demonstrate the process of achieving component cleanliness via the analysis inside of a clean room.

  • Deburring and component cleaning inside of the clean room, the transport through the twilight zone with the aid of a special lock wagon into the clean room of the test laboratory to verify and document the component cleanliness
  • At the test laboratory of the classification ISO7 or ISO 8 the process steps purging – filter drying – gravimetric analyses – optical microscopy and the preparation of protocol.


A range of companies additionally assign themselves to the individual process steps.

Visitors learn collected which facilities are required to reach the level of cleanliness and which service provider and suppliers are suitable. On every exhibition day visitors will be guided through the process by experts in the field of technical cleaning before midday and afternoon.


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