parts2clean, 22 - 24 October 2019
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Special display

Components cleaning 4.0 in practice

Visitors to the special display on the role of automation in parts cleaning will discover what solutions are already available for these applications, such as robots for parts handling, and what future trends are starting to emerge.

Parts Cleaning 4.0 in Practice

Industrie 4.0, BigData, Connectivity, Batch size 1, Traceability – all these are keywords that are supposed to mean efficiency, transparency and flexibility.

What technology lies behind and how can we apply, for instance, already today WEB Server technologies in the frame of industrial applications such as cleaning of industrial components in an easier and more efficient way?

We show you with a Stäubli TX2-CS9 Industrial robots:

  • How easily process and data equipment can be provided
  • How personalized and goal-oriented these data can be defined and edited
  • How flexible and user-friendly the interface regarding production purposes and the user profile can be customized
  • How helpful “smart data” for a sustainable production can be


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