parts2clean, 22 - 24 October 2019
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Special display

QSRein 4.0 – Opportunities for Industrial Parts Cleaning

The focus is on new approaches and possibilities in plant engineering, and on process solutions for parts cleaning in the future.


The QSREIN research initiative launched by FiT, the German trade association for industrial parts cleaning, aims to speed up the transition from experience-based to knowledge-based process management. The project explores opportunities for cleaning technology, focusing on quality assurance involving practical applications of 4.0 and solutions of benefit to the entire sector.

A special area of parts2clean is dedicated to a presentation of this project:

  • components for monitoring soiled and contaminated parts and for quality assurance of cleaning processes
  • technology to monitor and control particle and film contamination of parts
  • anti-corrosion protection systems, as well as rinsing and drying processes
  • communication-enabled cleaning chemicals
  • cyberphysical systems for plant components
  • a digital model for process control


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