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Analytics - Particulate Contamination


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Exhibitor details
Exhibitor details
Logo Analytics - Particulate Contamination
Logo Analytics - Particulate Contamination

Product description

Cleanliness inspections acc. VDA 19.1 /
ISO 16232-3/4/5/6/7 and 10 as well as over 600 specific customer standards
- Standard cleanliness inspections
- CCPlus cleanliness inspections with increased blank value requirements and fibers under laminar flow conditions
- Cleanliness inspections of large components up to approx. 1.500 mm edge length with special extraction equipment for large components
(large component extraction cabinet, large component manipulator)
- Cleanliness inspection by means of fair jet extraction acc. VDA 19.1, chapter 6.5.1 of non-wet extractable components
- Cleanliness inspections with air throughflow extraction acc. VDA 19.1, chapter 6.5.2 of air-conducting components
- Cleanliness inspections with suction extraction (with air with particle suction extraction system C|PS²) of oversized components or directly in the process environment as well as the
evaluation of the extracted particles
- Cleanliness quick test using particle stamps (e.g. on component packaging)
- Microscopic evaluation of particle traps/stamps
- Construction and production of test equipment and adapters *

Determination of particulate contaminants in oils and greases
- Microscopic analysis of particulate contaminants in oils and hydraulic fluids acc. ISO 4406 / ISO 4407
- Quantitative determination of solid content in lubricating greases acc. DIN *
- Microscopic analysis of particulate contaminants in lubricating greases *

Analyzes for the determination of the particle source
- SEM/EDX analysis of individual anorganic particles (metallic / mineral particles) *
- SEM/EDX-Scan with elemental analysis, electron optical counting and measurement of anorganic particles (metallic / mineral particles) *
- FT-IR infrared spectroscopy of individual organic particles

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