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Chemical deburring CULLYGRAT®




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Exhibitor details
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Product description

The CULLYGRAT®-process is anoxidative process in which iron (Fe2) is oxidized to Fe3 (Fe2O3-ironoxide (III)).

The process is of an exothermic nature which means that heat is generated by releasing energy. To prevent heating the CULLYGRAT®-bath is constantly cooled down to a certain temperature. By removing surface abrasions and burrs, excess carbon particles arefound in the bath.These carbon particles must then beeliminated bya filter system. Thus, the entire CULLYGRAT®-bath is pumped 10/12 times per hour. By doing so we are able to achieve the highest purity values (residual dirt, better than the specified tolerances).

Through the use of CULLYGRAT® before galvanic processes, corrosion protection through salt spray tests can last between 96-960 hours until rust appears.Especially hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and sulfuric acid (H2SO4), in combination with other components can cause oxidation.Other components (which are not disclosed here) are important for the exact procedure and the exact micro-reproducibility of results (Burr remoal and surface abrasions, as well as roughness).

HYDROGEN- Embrittlement

Hydrogen which emerges from oxidation is absorbed by oxygen released from hydrogen peroxide-H2O2 plusminus HO =H 2 O, and thus cannot penetrate into the work piece. Hydrogen embrittlement does not occur- (with CULLYGRAT®). (The entry of hydrogen into the work pieces would lead to hydrogen embrittlement of these pieces and eventually fracture stressed work pieces). Chemicals therefore cannot permeate into the work pieces and the structure stays unaffected.

Bath stability
To achieve equilibrium of all CULLYGRAT® -bath ingredients, an analysis is performed after each batch. In accordance to these results the process is continued. By doing so, change in the CULLYGRAT®- concentration, though surface abrasions and burrs, can be counteracted.

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