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ComboClean systems have been specifically designed to met the high and precision batch cleaning demands of small massed produced parts. The cleaning process works by placing contaminated parts inside a special basket which then rotates within the specially designed cleaning chamber. The basket rotation feature allows for the contaminated parts to be cleaned with both pressurised aqueous cleaning fluid as well as providing agitation during both the spray washing and flood washing stages as the chamber is filled with cleaning fluid. Ultrasonic cleaning capability can also be added to the ComboClean washing chamber with the use of ultrasonic rod transducers. As the whole cleaning process is complete within the single wash chamber there is no need to remove the basked between stages to different locations making the ComboClean an extremely efficient and versatile cleaning machine.

- Machine constructed entirely of stainless steel.
- Standard configurations offer washing, rinsing & drying.
- Additional passivation of additional rinsing available.
- Optional ultrasonic washing capablilty
- Fine particle filtration through cartridge & bag filtration.
- Available with vacuum drying option.
- Cleaning & drying process completed in a vacuum proof chamber.
- Available with manual & automatic basket loading
- Basket rotation aides cleaning & drying effectiveness.
- Integrated tank flow filtration.
- Optional oil separators options.
- Siemens PLC control system for programming and error diagnosis.
- Closed system housing with maintenance doors for optimum access & compact design.

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