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Continuous Dryer

Not only clean but also completely dry. This is what matters!

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Product description

Low temperature belt dryer using heat pump technology

Perfect drying after cleaning cannot be taken for granted. Our heat pump based condensation drying offers absolute reliability for your continuous process. Our alternative drying method passes extremely dry air over and through your products in a closed circuit. Belt type air recirculation drying ensures fast, reliable and uniform drying. The low temperatures used produce stain-free results while maintaining product integrity. This way, your products may be immediately subjected to further processing or packaging.

For any mode of operation and any facility
Harter automatic dryers may be used for any mode of operation and any cleaning facility. The so-called Airgenex® dryers are customised to fit in existing facilities or planned lines – to adapt to workpiece carriers, products, processes and spaces available. Constant process parameters and climate independent drying ensure highest process reliability. We have our own pilot plant station for conduction drying tests.

Non-compressed air blowing station
We offer optional non-compressed air blowoff before the drying process proper for particular applications.

Government promotion
The use of a heat pump, which is an integral part of our drying method, saves enough energy for the government to provide subsidies to buyers.

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