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Eccentric screw pumps




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Horizontal or vertical eccentric screw pumps made by JESSBERGER are especially used for pumping viscous to high viscous, thick, solids containing or fibrous, partly abrasive media. The principle of eccentric screw pumps was registered by him for a patent in 1930 and has therefore successfully proven for decades in the pump area and established in many applications. The eccentric screw pumps belong to the group of rotary positive displacement
pumps: In this pump principle, a rotating pump part which is called rotor rotates in a stationary pump part, which is so-called stator and is located in a sleeve made of steel or stainless steel: The rotor looks like a conveyor screw with a large pitch, large flight depth and a small core diameter. It does not form symmetrical axis inside the pump body but rotates as single outer screw “eccentric” in the stator, which is a two-start inner screw having twice the pitch
as the rotor.
The due to the materials used mostly elastic, fixed stator basically has a thread more than the rotor and twice the pitch length. Due to the geometry by the eccentric rotation of the rotor and the stator and in addition radially moving rotor cavities are produced for the medium between the stator and the rotating rotor therein. These spaces for the liquid to be pumped are produced in that the movement of the rotor of the second gear of the stator for the pumped liquid is used. The by the eccentric rotation produced cavities move uniformly from the suction side to the discharge side of the stator. Figuratively speaking, the resulting cavities walking with the fluid up or at a horizontal pump in the plane in the direction of the pressure side of the eccentric screw pump.

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