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Electrostatic oil cleaner

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Product description

The electrostaic oil cleaner removes particles, sludge and
varnish from hydraulic oil.

Hydraulic systems:
In order to operate hydraulic systems without failure, hydraulic systems are equipped with precise hightech components. Sludge, resin, varnish, and dirt particles in the oil cause friction, wear and malfunction of the hydraulic system. More than 80% of hydraulic failures are caused by impurities in the oil.

Working principle:
Just connect the electrostatic oil cleaner with two tubes with your hydraulic
tank and it will clean your oil independent from production. The hydraulic oil
is pumped through an electric field caused by 14,000 V between the electrodes in the cleaning cell. The electric field force attracts the particles onto the surface of the cleaning elements between the electrodes. The particles are stored on the surface of the cleaning elements, while the oil is returned to the main tank. The special design of the cleaning elements cause a turbulent flow between the electrodes. The turbulences flush the particles towards the surface of the cleaning elements. The result is a fast and effective cleaning. Particles down to 0.05 µm will be removed. The electrostatic oil cleaning has now influence to the liquid additives of the oil. The liquid additives remain in the oil while particles are removed by the electric field force. The high voltage of 14,000 V removes soft and hard particles as well as resins, oxydation products, sludge and varnish. The unique design makes sure that particles of all sizes will be collected in the cleaning cell. The result is an extreme clean oil. The clean oil is able to flush out sticky sludge from the system. Water in the oil can be removed by an optional dewatering cartridge. The cartridge is equipped with fibers that are able to absorb water. The fibres absorb the non-emulsified water and dry the oil.

Available models EFC D2, D4, D8 & D16 with different pump capacities

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