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HPW High pressure water jet deburring

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Exhibitor details
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Product description

Processing with a high pressure water jet is ideal for deburring, chip removal, and cleaning. With this method, we use only water to remove the burrs from those areas where other methods fail technically or economically.

We target the area to be processed with a high-pressure water jet of up to 800 bar. In this way we also reach hard to access cuts and holes. The high kinetic energy of the water jet not only removes the burrs from the machined edges reliably and quickly but also takes off chips and other contaminants adhering to the component.


- Burring, chip removal, and cleaning in one step
- Precise targeting and deburring of the defined areas
- Also suitable for larger workpieces (travel: x = 300 mm, y = 300 mm, z = 600 mm)

Industrial component cleaning and cleanliness analysis according to VDA 19

The objective of any cleaning job is to improve the functionality, quality and durability of sophisticated components and assemblies such as hydraulic, brake, or fuel injection systems.
The components are cleaned in a closed multi-chamber immersion system with automatic loading.
Here a variety of different sizes and materials are cleaned in an aqueous solution.
In addition to the lifting, lowering, and turning movements, the cleaning effect can also be amplified with ultrasonic transducers with a capacity of 12 kW (20 watts/liter).
Particulate contaminations in deep drill holes or difficult to access areas are removed reliably with this method.
The components are dried in a heated rotary vacuum dryer.
The degree of technical cleanliness is determined in our own laboratory according to VDA 19 or according to customer specifications.

- Extraction
- Gravimetry (up to 0.1 mg)
- Microscopy (automated)
- Analysis protocol

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