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Plasma - laser - a new hybrid technology

New technological synergies optimize surfaces and processes

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Exhibitor details
Logo Plasma - laser - a new hybrid technology

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The combination of two physically different methods - ionized gas (plasma) in combination with coherently amplified light (laser) - open up new and unique opportunities for surface treatments. Plasma envelops a laser beam which is removing persistent contamination through evaporation. The enveloping plasma reacts due to the high ionization in collision processes immediately with this vaporized material, fragments it and stimulates it to chemical reactions with the active plasma gas (mostly air but also oxygen or other inert gases). The simultaneous plasma laser treatment avoids recontamination of cleaned surfaces. In addition, the plasma treatment effects an increase in surface energy - an optimal condition for subsequent adhesive and coating processes.

- Preparation of bonding surfaces of aluminum. Removal of organic contaminants and unstable oxide layers on Al-surfaces by simultaneous targeted formation of stable oxides through plasma
- Partial paint removal of body panels and workpieces
- Optimal preparation for welding and soldering.
- Improvement of the weld quality through reduction of gas pockets

The development of the plasma process has been supported through a multi-year cooperation between Plasmatreat and Fraunhofer IFAM. The Plasma / laser technology was fundamentally researched by Fraunhofer IST and HAWK. As part of a joint project HAWK and Plasmatreat GmbH cooperate on the topic "Laser Plasma Hybridabtrag von Aluminiumoxid-Schichten".

This project is promoted by the German Environment Foundation.

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