The scalable quattroClean snow-jet blasting technology from acp systems has established itself as a dry alternative to wet chemical ultra-fine cleaning for high purity cleaning applications. The cleaning medium is recycled liquid carbon dioxide. In combination with process gas from Linde, the cleanroom-compatible process has the Green Screen certificate for cleaners and degreasers from Clean Production Action, an independent, non-profit organization.

With regard to particulate residual contamination, surface cleanliness class (SCC) 1 is reproducibly achieved, and even SCC 0.1 for already wet-chemically ultra-fine cleaned parts. In terms of residual filmic contamination, the cleaning results are comparable to those of other ultra-fine cleaning processes such as wet-chemical and plasma cleaning or vacuum bake-out. For cleaning trials and the design of process parameters, acp provides a cleanroom test centre up to cleanroom class ISO 5.