At parts2clean, a special show at the CEC joint stand will demonstrate the path and implementation of innovative technologies for reliable component cleanliness and the accompanying quality assurance:

For the cleaning process of components, different process chemistry solutions from Inventec Performance Chemicals will be offered for individual requirements. This is followed by cleanliness control of filmic contamination and bath monitoring by SITA Messtechnik GmbH.

For the detection of particulate contaminants, the cleanliness analysis according to VDA 19.1 will be demonstrated: filter membranes are provided via the dispenser of Sefar GmbH. The extraction of the impurities is carried out via the extraction cabinet, the subsequent drying via the EasyDry from Gläser GmbH. Finally, the filter membrane is analysed microscopically via the particulate measuring system of Evident Europe GmbH (Olympus). The modern analysis software from Partikel A.R.T. GbR contributes to continuous process improvement by means of Deep Learning.

The solution-oriented range of different room concepts such as cleanrooms or test laboratories of cleanroom class ISO 7 or ISO 8 from Nerling Systemräume GmbH offers a controlled environment. A wide range of accessories for cleanrooms is offered by Labor- und Reinraumtechnik Arnsdorf GmbH.

At the CEC joint stand, visitors can find out in compact form which processes and equipment are required to achieve and maintain their cleanliness goals and which service providers and suppliers are available to do so.

In addition, further papers on the subject of technical cleanliness can be accessed at the CEC. In addition, the CEC will highlight its other network offerings: in the CEC network, members benefit from regular event and exchange formats, including studies on industry trends, working groups and workshops on current and future challenges relating to technical cleanliness issues.

CEC joint stand