How do I achieve the required component and how can I prove it? Practice-orientated solutions along the technical cleanliness process chain are accessible at the CEC- process booth.

There will be a special show at parts2clean, which will show the way to reliable component cleanliness with analyses in the clean room:

Deburring (Benseler) and cleaning of components (Pero, Sporer) with suitable chemicals (Borer, Caramba, Inventec) and the subsequent fluorescent measurement (Sita) in the clean room, respectively the protected transport through grey zones by suitable lock carriages (Kögel) into clean room of the testing laboratory (Nerling) to demonstrate component cleanliness.

The process proof of cleanliness will take place in the testing laboratory of clean room class ISO7 and /or ISO8 (Nerling): extraction (glasses) – filter drying (glasses) – microscopy (Olympus) and protocol generation (quality analysis).

Cleanliness-compatible packaging concepts (Antalis) and KLT cleaning (Peböck) will be demonstrate in logistics process area.

The visitors will be informed which processes and facilities are necessary to achieve and maintain the goal of cleanliness and which service providers and supplies are available for this purpose.