Hannover. parts2clean, the leading trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning at the Stuttgart exhibition center, features a diverse and user-oriented forum that provides a current overview of the trends and challenges in the industry.

Tuesday starts with lectures on the basics of industrial cleaning processes. For example, experts provide information on the business side of parts cleaning, the task of surfactants in aqueous cleaning systems and the latest applications in ultrasound technology. Afterwards, selected exhibitors present their products on the forum stage. Next, the forum focuses on innovations in cleaning processes, systems technology, chemistry, drying, and goods carriers. Topics include "Resource-efficient spray jet cleaning based on a biological model", "Efficient particle filtration through system design according to pressure loss and filter area" or "Laser beam surface technology in electromobility".

Wednesday kicks off with the topic "Challenges due to film contamination", where the VDI (Association of German Engineers) explains a new guideline for testing filmic contamination. Further topics include wafer cleaning with mega sound in the smallest of structures as well as fully automated and precise in-line cleaning with hot-active plasma. During the lunch break, selected exhibitors again present their products, after which cleaning for medicine and pharmaceutical technology takes center stage. Topics include "Particles on medical products – status and future feasibility" and "Cleaning parts from medical technology efficiently and reliably".

Thursday morning focuses on analytics and technical cleanliness, including measuring technology for manual and automatic monitoring, combining measuring methods for the analysis of surfaces, and quantitative checking of ultrasonic baths by means of cavitation measurement. Afterwards, companies present their products. Then the focus shifts to automation and digitization with topics such as "Predictive maintenance in industrial washing technology", "Automated cleanliness testing in practical use" and "Improving technical cleanliness through improved image processing techniques".

Participation in the expert forum is complimentary for all parts2clean visitors.