In the field of technical cleanliness, full-surface wet extraction and air extraction by air jet for the cleanliness inspection of components have been state of the art for years and are described in standards. In the meantime, the spectrum of components has changed considerably in connection with e-mobility, for which air extraction by air jet also reaches its limits. CleanControlling has therefore developed the supplementary process of suction extraction. It is a variant of the air extraction described in VDA 19.1 / ISO 16232 and refers to it for qualification and light-optical analysis, thus ensuring reproducible and comparable results. With the C|PS³apex suction extraction system, the company is presenting a fundamental new development of the previous particle suction extraction system. In addition to the ergonomic redesign of the system, the user-friendly navigation with voice prompts now guides the user through the freely programmable test sequence. For this purpose, the suction extraction system has a digital control system for storing analysis parameters and displaying the test sequences on the screen.