With its new customer portal, CleanControlling has developed a future-oriented tool that offers comprehensive and graphically optimally prepared access to analysis data. All components for which cleanliness tests are performed are displayed as a photo in tile format and can be called up individually. One click on the image is sufficient for all analyses and evaluations for the respective workpiece to be displayed across all locations - including the history - whereby individual analyses can be shown or hidden. The clear numerical presentation of the data and diagrams as well as photos of the particles determined, sorted by size and type (metallic, non-metallic and fibers) provide a very clear, understandable and quick overview.

A note function allows customers to add information to the individual analyses, for example, in which plant the cleaning took place or after which cleaning test the analysis was carried out. In addition, comparisons can be made across individual sites and the analysis information can be displayed back to 2012. On this basis, conclusions can also be drawn about how stable the cleaning process is running.