factronix GmbH presents the new fully automatic cleaning system HyperCLEAN from the manufacturer PBT Works. The HyperCLEAN is a flexible high performance cleaning system with high capacity and compatible with the latest automation technology and MES connection. Thanks to the simple loading principle using a specially designed trolley, this system is designed for high throughput of large-format components up to 70kg. The HyperCLEAN from PBT Works is designed for the cleaning of assemblies in magazines, solder frames & masks, condensate traps, SMT oven filters and other mechanical parts.

Market-leading spray system

The spray kinematics with stationary nozzles and an oscillating basket with a long process mechanism ensures a constant, uniform spray field for the best cleaning effect and has been designed based on detailed research and development. The system is available as a two and three tank system, and can thus be variably adapted to customer-specific requirements.

For maintenance cleaning, the oscillation of the basket can be dispensed with, which increases the effective chamber volume to 700x700x950 mm. This configuration proves to be an advantage, especially with large products.

Newly developed drying system

It is no secret that the drying process on large chamber machines takes a lot of time and energy. PBT Works has addressed this issue with the HyperCLEAN. The system is equipped with a heat recovery system that has been integrated into the air ducting. The drying process is additionally time-saving due to a newly developed fan with integrated heating.

Automation options

The basic configuration for metal maintenance and PCBA cleaning applications provides for manual loading and unloading of the cleaning material via a trolley. An upgrade to a fully automated system is possible via an automatic door which, with the cooperation of a robot, enables autonomous loading.

Control system

The HyperCLEAN has a PLC control system and enables easy process data acquisition and communication with the customer's servers. Part of the system is the PBT Works standard interface for data communication, customisable.