Component cleanliness is crucial to producing high-quality products and operating effective process chains. With parts2clean in Stuttgart, Deutsche Messe provides the most important international platform for industrial parts and surface cleaning. “With more than 120 exhibitors from 10 countries, we are staging a fantastic event with all the leading market participants despite the imponderables caused by the pandemic,” said Arno Reich, senior vice president at Deutsche Messe. “Many industries – especially medical, semiconductor, automotive, and aerospace – find products and services for component cleaning at parts2clean.”

Innovations and further developments

parts2clean presents numerous new and further developments, including plant and process technology; cleaning rooms and clean rooms; cleaning media and containers; work piece carriers and washing baskets; degreasing and cleaning solutions; ultrasonic devices for cleaning; bathroom care; cleanliness control; and corrosion protection and packaging.

Experts inform

The parts2clean Forum features more than 50 presentations. Fraunhofer’s cleaning institute developed the program, which on all three days of the fair serves as a unique knowledge platform for all parts and surface cleaning topics. Technical cleanliness is a clear quality feature, but automated quality monitoring and digital process control remain a challenge for cleaning processes. On the other hand, artificial intelligence and machine learning offer many new possibilities for industrial parts cleaning. The steadily increasing demands for clean surfaces and components require not only highly efficient cleaning technologies, but also seamless integration of these processes into the entire production chain.

Fraunhofer study on market situation and future trends

One highlight at the forum is the presentation of the Fraunhofer study on the market situation and future trends in the field of industrial parts cleaning. “Customer industries are in a state of upheaval: the end of the combustion engine seems to be heralded, electric mobility is in full swing, the hydrogen economy is taking off... and then there is Corona with lockdowns and supply chains in chaos. The Fraunhofer cleaning institute’s new study shows, however, that the cleaning industry is looking to the future firmly and positively. At the forum, we see that innovation has answered the challenges. The Corona crisis has shown how important medical and pharmaceutical technology is for the stability of the health industry. That is why the most extensive session of the forum is dedicated to the important cleaning issues in this industry,” says Frank Holm Rögner, director of Fraunhofer’s cleaning institute.

The study presents concisely the survey results of providers and users of industrial cleaning technology. Compared to 2012 results, it shows developments and trends and highlights Corona’s economic impact on the market.