The PartSens 4.0 is a portable measuring system with a wireless measuring head for fast and direct determination of particulate contamination on surfaces. As a Plus model, it additionally offers the possibility of differentiating particle sizes and particle numbers of metallic and non-metallic particles as well as fibres on surfaces. Mobile design and ease of use make this instrument the perfect solution for companies that need to ensure clean surfaces of products or a production environment.

Reproducible and highly accurate measurement results are produced by using ISO 14644-9 grazing light technology. Complex sampling by gas extraction is eliminated, as are subjective measurement methods (microscopy) or error-prone multi-stage procedures (surface rinsing through filter media with subsequent filter analysis). The measurement result - including the live image - is immediately shown on the device display via wireless transmission. For archiving or for later comparison measurements, the data is stored in the particle counter, which can then optionally also be output via an external printer.