For example, in battery trays and e-compartments, where individual inspections of printed circuit boards, electronic components or cable harnesses also have to be performed, classic wet extraction is no longer an option. In addition, cleanliness checks on e-vehicles are being shifted to assembly areas, so that particle extraction must also be performed dry here. However, in order to obtain comparable results in the analysis, a reproducible extraction process is required even for large parts.

CleanControlling has developed a robot-based solution for these tasks. The robot, which is equipped with the company's proven and further developed C|PS² particle suction extraction system, enables reproducible, full-surface or partial sampling on surfaces measuring up to 4,600 x 2,600 mm. Since the robot system has seven degrees of freedom, particles can also be extracted automatically from three-dimensional areas. Specially designed suction nozzles are available to reach into recesses, holes or undercuts, for example. No special knowledge is required to program the robot: The motion sequence for the extraction is simply created by one-time manual teach-in and can be stored in the system as a component-specific program. Thanks to the easy and fast program generation, the robot system can also be used efficiently for repeatable particle extraction on smaller components.