Processes, technologies and markets are constantly evolving. Businesses are under mounting pressure to find ways of attaining and maintaining a competitive edge by tailoring their products and services to meet the very latest requirements arising in their particular markets and sectors.

"parts2clean features a wider array of solutions and more in-depth information than any other trade show in the world," said Olaf Daebler, Global Director for parts2clean at Deutsche Messe – a claim that is also backed up by facts and figures. At this year’s flagship fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning (running from 22 to 24 October in Stuttgart, Germany), some 230 exhibitors from 20 different countries will be presenting their products and services for every conceivable aspect of industrial parts cleaning on a total area of 6,900 square meters. "With a comprehensive array of exhibits addressing every link of the process chain, attendees can quickly locate and compare potential solutions for their particular requirements and efficiently get all the answers they need," remarked Daebler.

Innovations and enhancements on offer across every segment of the show

The many new and improved products on display at parts2clean play a major role in the show’s attractiveness as a source of cutting-edge solutions. The Among them are innovations for plant and process engineering, automation and digitization, clean rooms, process media, cleaning baths and tanks, workpiece carriers and bath maintenance, cleanliness inspection, corrosion protection and packaging. "These innovations address parts-cleaning challenges arising from changing requirements in particular sectors, also in response to new manufacturing and fastening technologies," emphasized Daebler, adding: "The focus is also on solutions in response to ever more stringent standards of particulate and surface film cleanliness in fields such as medical technology, electrical engineering and electronics, and optics."

Supporting program: know-how and dialogue for added value

The parts2clean supporting program complements the show’s exhibitors by offering a wealth of valuable information to help companies achieve consistent cleaning results at economical cost. The special "QSREIN 4.0" display being staged by the German Industrial Parts Cleaning Association (FiT), for example, will be sparking dialogue on adaptive process solutions capable of self-adjusting to the condition of parts and the degree of cleanliness required. Process optimization and ways of responding to new challenges will be among the main topics addressed. At a special display entitled "Process flow in parts cleaning, including cleanliness checks" organized in collaboration with the CEC (Cleaning Excellence Center), industrial cleanliness specialists will guide visitors through the various steps necessary in attaining, documenting and maintaining specified standards of component cleanliness.

The three-day Industry Forum at parts2clean being staged by the Fraunhofer Cleaning Technology Alliance and the German Industrial Parts Cleaning Association (FiT) enjoys international renown as a prime source of industrial parts and surface cleaning know-how. "In a series of talks with simultaneous German/English translation, top experts from industry and the R&D community will be sharing know-how and real-world experience pertaining to cleaning processes, upstream and downstream processes, analytics and metrology, digitalization and automation while also addressing issues of future relevance," said Daebler. Admission to the Industry Forum is free of charge for parts2clean attendees.

Throughout the show, guided tours will be offered in English. The tours will be led by trained guides and will show visitors – particularly less experienced users and newcomers to industrial parts cleaning – how to go about planning and implementing cleaning processes for consistently high-quality, cost-effective results.