The new chemistry brand from vapic - chemeco launched at the beginning of this year!

But what does chemeco stand for? Chemeco stands for the development and production of chemicals with high cleaning performance and yet low risk for people and the environment. All products are manufactured at the site in Neubulach, Germany.

Product groups in the field of cleaning chemicals:

chemeco solve: solvent cleaners
chemeco clean: water-based cleaners
chemeco additive: additive

Discover also other product groups like chemeco stabilizer, chemeco defoam and many more!

No risk, no process disturbance

Through standardised laboratory analysis with the lubricants you use, we determine which chemeco product is best suited for you. Subsequently, we also have the possibility to clean parts in our contract cleaning so that we can validate the required cleanliness guaranteed. Take the opportunity to optimise your process and your expenditure now.