With the Sonopower 3S Megasonic Boost system with frequencies of 500 and 1,000 kHz, Weber Ultrasonics has developed an efficient solution for the demanding cleaning of sensitive components. It ensures a particularly gentle and at the same time effective treatment of the components with high degrees of cleanliness. The system consists of the intelligent Sonopower 3S Megasonic Boost generator and the tuned Sonoplate HF high-frequency oscillators. During operation, the generator, which is available in the 250 and 500 watt power classes, uses various innovative features to ensure that cleaning is gentle on the surface but that contaminants are reliably removed. The combined frequency and amplitude modulation ensures homogeneous sound fields and prevents so-called standing waves. The Sonoscan automatically determines the optimum working frequency and sets it, monitoring and adjusting it during the process. Integration into higher-level system controls is achieved via optional fieldbus interfaces, such as Profinet, Ethercat and ModBus TCP.