With the VRX 46 V cleaner, Wigol W. Stache GmbH is presenting a new, acidic special cleaner that has been designed especially for use on aluminium surfaces. The cleaner can be used in spray and flood systems and contains a surfactant system that is well demulsified and non-foaming. Emulsions, metal soaps, machining oils and dried emulsion residues are reliably removed. A specially adjusted acid mixture also ensures a slight and attractive brightening of aluminium surfaces. AF 03, a water-soluble, temporary corrosion protection, is suitable as a protective measure for corrosion-sensitive steel materials. The product is very low-foaming and therefore particularly well suited for systems in which high spray pressures are used. Demulsifier VRX P1 is a powerful additive to support bath maintenance when it comes to removing oils from baths more effectively.