Hannover, Germany. As an information and procurement platform featuring the world’s most comprehensive range of products and services, parts2clean offers the right range of solutions for this. The supporting program of the 20th leading international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning, taking place from 26 to 28 September 2023 at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center, will provide information on all the latest trends, innovations and benchmark applications.

Modified and new components, new manufacturing and coating technologies, innovative materials and material combinations, the increasing digitization of manufacturing – these and other trends also require new and adapted cleaning processes in industrial parts and surface cleaning. In addition to particulate contamination, there is an increasing focus on filmic contamination – which must be removed in a stable and efficient way. At the same time, ever-stricter energy efficiency and climate protection targets need to be met.

Solutions for every task and industry

“The exhibitors at this year's parts2clean will present ideally adapted and future-oriented solutions to meet these stiffer requirements,” reports Christoph Nowak, Project Director at Deutsche Messe. “These include developments in the area of wet chemical processes and dry cleaning technologies, as well as for improved energy and resource efficiency, greater cost-effectiveness and flexibility, and the integration of component cleaning into connected manufacturing processes.” A novelty at the anniversary event is the addition of the “High Purity” theme to the parts2clean core areas, which addresses special solutions for the semiconductor supplier industry, medical technology, sensor technology, electronics and numerous applications related to electromobility. The leading international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning will be held at the Germany-based Stuttgart Exhibition Center from 26-28 September 2023.

Supporting program focuses on competition-relevant themes

The exhibitor presentations across industries, technologies and materials will be complemented by a supporting program which is ideally adapted to the current challenges in component cleaning. “With knowledge and expertise as well as approaches to solutions for process design, adaptation and optimization, the focus is on competition-relevant topics which are not covered anywhere else to this degree,” notes Nowak.

Bilingual technical forum – value-added knowledge on basics and trends

The bilingual technical forum at parts2clean has been one of the highlights of this leading international trade fair for many years. Renowned experts from research and science, as well as from associations and industry, will offer knowledge and expertise, as well as benchmark solutions, in simultaneously translated presentations (German <> English) on the following topics at this year’s event: “The basics of industrial cleaning processes” – this includes presentations on the mode of action of cleaning processes and media, drying processes, special features and the suitability of product carriers, and component design that is optimized for cleaning. The session “Monitoring and controlling cleaning processes” will focus on process automation, the use of AI (artificial intelligence) for cleaning and analysis processes, and integration into factory automation systems. In the presentation block “Cleaning for electrical engineering and electronics”, practical examples and special solutions will be presented, along with fundamental challenges and both the opportunities and limits involved in cleaning technology. The section “High purity applications – challenges and solutions” will address applications for, among other things, EUV lithography, semiconductor manufacturing, microtechnology, medical and pharmaceutical technology, while also highlighting actual innovations. For verification of the technical cleanliness achieved, the presentations in the “Monitoring and analyzing cleaned surfaces” section will provide detailed information and solutions.

Technical cleanliness process chain

How can the required component cleanliness not only be achieved in the process, but also be verified? Answers to this question are provided by the special show “Technical Cleanliness”, organized as a joint project with the CEC (Cleaning Excellence Center). Both the path to and the implementation of innovative technologies for component cleanliness as well as the accompanying quality assurance will be demonstrated here.

FiT2clean Award and special show area

The Fachverband industrielle Teilereinigung association (FiT) will once again be represented with a special showcase and an attractive program. One major highlight will consist of the presentation of the FiT2clean Award on 28 September. This award, endowed with 10,000 euros, will be presented for the second time during this year’s parts2clean. The award is given annually for outstanding achievements and innovative solutions in industrial component cleaning.

Information on the supporting program as well as the complete program of presentations at the technical forum be available on the parts2clean homepage tentatively by the beginning of August.