Hannover. "We held in-depth discussions with the exhibiting companies and our partners on making parts2clean a biennial event," explains Christoph Nowak, parts2clean project manager at Deutsche Messe. "In light of its positive showing in 2023, our goal now is to drive forward and build on parts2clean's standing as a benchmark trade event, and thus strengthen the fair as a brand in the long term," adds Nowak. The next edition of the leading international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning will take place from 7 – 9 October 2025 at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center.

Nowak: "We are organizing the event for and together with the industry. Adopting a biennial cycle as of now is a logical step in this context, seeing as the survey conducted among the exhibitors at parts2clean 2023 confirmed that both the two-year innovation cycle and the changing travel behavior among the attendees necessitate this reorientation."

Gerhard Koblenzer (Managing Director/CEO LPW Reinigungssysteme GmbH): "For our company, parts2clean is and will remain the leading German trade fair for industrial parts cleaning and matters related to technical cleanliness in production environments. We very much welcome Deutsche Messe AG's decision to change the cycle. It gives us the opportunity to alternate our presence at other international trade fairs, so that we can adapt to the rapidly changing markets. Moreover, it gives us the time to actively support the activities of the parts2clean organizers in expanding the event's spectrum of offerings. We are looking forward to 2025!"

parts2clean has developed along highly positive lines since the COVID pandemic, expanding each year in terms of exhibitors, exhibiting space and attendees. 2023 was the strongest edition to date after the pandemic, with more than 150 exhibitors on 4,500 square meters and over 3,000 attendees. What makes parts2clean so special is the high density of world market and technology leaders it attracts from the various sectors of industrial cleaning technology. They all share the common goal of maintaining the event's high level of quality. Christoph Nowak: "We are convinced that the biennial cycle will play a key role in sustainably advancing parts2clean and maintaining its high quality. Now is the right time to set a new course: after all, we are leading parts2clean into a new future with the tailwind of three highly successful events."

The Industrial Parts Cleaning Association (FiT) is very much in favor of parts2clean's new biennial cycle: "Our members need parts2clean as a strong leading trade fair with all suppliers as exhibitors and with numerous visitors from many sectors. The change to a two-year cycle is a response to changing travel and business habits. This will strengthen the trade fair as a meeting place for the parts cleaning industry for all relevant topics and innovations," confirmed Dr. Michael Flämmich, member of the FiT Board, the decision.

The decision on the reorientation of parts2clean is also welcomed by the exhibitors.

Ulrike Kunz, Spokesperson of the Exhibitor Advisory Board of parts2clean and Head of Technical Center at SurTec Deutschland GmbH: "Both the Exhibitor Advisory Board and SurTec see parts2clean as the leading trade fair for everything to do with the cleaning of parts in industry. This is a unique feature that no other trade show offers. We welcome the event's switch to a biennial cycle; this will reinforce the status of parts2clean as a flagship trade show since it will be presenting itself in an even more innovative way. From now on, all market participants and competitors alike will be taking part together, and not having to alternate their presence as was sometimes the case in the past. And that is important for the event's attendees. parts2clean thus offers the unique opportunity to directly address all topics and bring all participants together in one place, for example to discuss the planning of a new cleaning facility or solve problems with existing processes. We are certainly looking forward to 2025."

Rainer Straub, Vice President Sales & Service and Member of the Management Board of Ecoclean GmbH, also emphasizes: "Our global positioning requires flexible country and industry-specific marketing and trade fair strategies. In order to meet these requirements, we at Ecoclean welcome the new 2-year cycle. Whether for customers in general industry, the automotive, medical or semiconductor industries - parts2clean is the leading trade fair where we present our innovations and new developments to the industry for the first time. Here, trade fair visitors and we as Ecoclean will find the complex network of suppliers, knowledge transfer and development to overcome the challenges of parts cleaning together with the industry experts. We are therefore delighted that so many exhibitors and industry colleagues have confirmed their participation in p2c 2025."