Hannover. In many sectors of industry, companies are facing new or more stringent challenges in industrial parts and surface cleaning. New manufacturing and fastening techniques call for new coating technologies and suitably adapted cleaning solutions. When it comes to removing particulate residues and surface films in such applications, the demands are on the rise. Also in fields such as the semi-conductor industry, medical technology and mechanical engineering, the specifications for parts cleanliness are becoming more and more stringent. Mastering these challenges is the name of the game at parts2clean, the International Trade Fair for Industrial Parts and Surface Cleaning, which is being staged for the 17th time from 22 to 24 October 2019 at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center.

In the face of global competition, companies need to offer cleaning solutions capable of delivering consistently high results, both quickly and cost-effectively. To an ever greater extent, the levels of cleanliness achieved need to be documented on a continuous basis, and the results stored until the next processing stage or even up through delivery to the customer. "The exhibitors at parts2clean will be presenting solutions for every requirement," says Olaf Daebler, Global Director of parts2clean at Deutsche Messe. "parts2clean is the top international get-together for the industry, and a prime showcase for best-fit solutions and the latest technological advances and trends."

International source of know-how and purchasing options

parts2clean is the premier international source of know-how and purchasing options for industrial parts cleaning, and the show's visitors come in search of solutions for highly specific requirements. "Parts cleaning is a key issue in medical technology. As parts2clean is the only trade fair covering every aspect of parts cleaning, that's where we go to showcase our products and services. Those who came to see us at the show were industry professionals armed with a keen interest in finding answers to very specific questions," reported Dr. Dagmar Martin, head of the working group "Interface analytics in the production process" at the Natural and Medical Sciences Institute (NMI) at the University of Tübingen.

It is also clear from the visitor survey that visitors to the 2018 show were well prepared to invest in new technology: 85 percent stated that they were directly involved in their company's purchasing decisions. And 82 percent of the professionals who attended last year's parts2clean had come with firm investment plans. "41 percent were considering purchases totaling €100,000 euros. So exhibitors not only generated valuable leads, but also a lot of sales," remarked Daebler. Demand for stand space at this year's show is high: By mid-January, more than 75 companies had booked their stands for 2019, among them virtually all the market leaders and innovators. Even at this early stage, the total amount of space booked (currently over 3,300 square meters) has already reached approximately 50 percent of the total for 2018.

All-encompassing array of exhibits, with new display categories

With a cross-disciplinary range of solutions addressing every industry and every stage of the industrial parts and surface cleaning process, parts2clean enables users from a huge array of manufacturing and reprocessing backgrounds to gather the information they need about processes, cleaning media and ways of optimizing processes and costs. Major emphasis will also be placed on medical technology cleaning applications, as well as the automation of cleaning processes, e.g. by means of robots. As the removal of surface film contaminants and the selective cleaning of functional surfaces are destined to become more and more important over the years to come, these topics will also be prominently featured at parts2clean 2019. Visitors will also be inspired by the special QSREIN 4.0 showcase , which this year will explore the future of process control in water-based parts cleaning. Here suppliers and users of cleaning technology will be examining innovative, best-fit, cost-effective approaches to process monitoring and control capable of meeting consistently high standards of cleanliness.

Attractive supporting program

parts2clean also excels as a source of know-how, for example in the form of its three-day Industry Forum staged in association with the Fraunhofer Cleaning Technology Alliance – a forum that will offer added value thanks to its co-staging of the Innovations and Future Forum as organized by the German Industrial Parts Cleaning Association (FiT). Among the key topics to be covered there are technology basics, strategies for optimizing processes and costs plus quality assurance. The forum will also treat visitors to first-hand reports on best-practice applications, as well as discussion of the latest trends and innovations. The entire parts2clean Industry Forum will be simultaneously translated (GermanEnglish/EnglishGerman).

Twice a day, Guided Tours (in English and German) to the stands of selected exhibitors will highlight notable offerings for the cleaning of industrial parts and surfaces, making it easy to find promising innovations and suppliers for their specific needs. For participating exhibitors, the Guided Tours serve as an excellent chance to impress a highly receptive audience with their innovative products. This adds up to valuable leads and excellent business prospects.