Test inks from arcotest GmbH in vials and as marker pens enable a quick cleanliness check on surfaces made of plastic, glass, ceramics and metal. In addition, statements can be made about the adhesion of printing inks, lacquers and adhesives. The limits of the measuring range are 18 mN/m and 105 mN/m, the inaccuracy over the entire range is a maximum of plus minus 1.0 mN/m. The inks are mostly subject to labelling. Toxic are the settings according to DIN 53364 (ISO 8296), which are usually supplied in 10 ml vials, for example as a set of 28 mN/m - 56 mN/m.

Fast-drying inks suitable for identifying the treated side in the film area have proven their worth for years, Quicktest 38® and Rapidtest 38®.

Non-toxic inks (pink) are produced in two groups from 22 mN/m to 44 mN/m and from 46 mN/m to 60 mN/m, which covers the majority of the application range.

The new BIO/ORGANIC inks, which are supplied in green from 30 mN/m to 46 mN/m, are not marked.

New is the cleaning fluid, arcotestCLEANER, for foils and moulded parts.

With arcoweb® - inks, which are bound in textiles, larger areas can then be tested, especially outdoors (pipes and concrete elements). They will be available this year.