In order to develop customer-specific optimal solutions and to test and improve them in the original working environment, Bo-Inno has been manufacturing workpiece carriers and cleaning baskets in quantities of 1 for a long time. They are usually modified during the testing phase in order to optimise the process or the cleaning result. The customer expects a short reaction time and solutions that are later mass-produced in the same high quality. The company has met this expectation by consolidating the entire production process in a newly founded area, the Bo-Inno Manufaktur. Here, the company consistently follows the path of developing and manufacturing workpiece carriers and wash baskets in quantities from one to ten. In order to be able to deliver these solutions within one month, the organisation and production were optimised with the help of a value stream analysis. Special machines and fixtures make it possible to carry out all series processes with short set-up times and thus to create a workpiece carrier that meets the requirements of a series product even with a quantity of one. All materials and joining processes that are used in series production can also be processed and implemented in the manufacturing area.