To ensure passenger safety and the integrity of the battery in the event of a collision, new and lightweight components made from aluminum or hybrid materials, for example, are therefore being introduced to give the chassis the necessary rigidity and mechanical strength. The front of an EV features an entirely new structural design plus reinforcement to compensate for the loss of the combustion engine. To ensure that these advanced new components can be bonded and welded successfully, thorough water-based cleaning beforehand is an essential step. Components must be free from grease and staining. In addition, all other hollow sections that are used for reasons of reducing weight or noise emissions must also be thoroughly cleaned – both inside and out. BvL Oberflächentechnik has long experience In the automotive sector as specialists for reliable and highly advanced cleaning solutions. And we’re equally well positioned to serve the needs of EV makers. At parts2clean in Stuttgart BvL will be showcasing its complete portfolio of innovative cleaning systems, which can be deployed as optimum cleaning solutions both for the EV sector as well as in many other industries.