Causes of corrosion can occur along the entire process and supply chain. In order to identify these, companies have to become aware of an internally increasing process complexity. Constants as well as variable values shape a process. It is not only infrequently that targeted problem analyses fail due to the differentiation of relevant process and supply chains. It is therefore advisable to first analyze the known constants such as the cleaning system in the context of the cleaning medium or the maintenance and monitoring of the system and medium.

Any kind of change can have a critical impact on the quality of the results. Often, underestimated synergies and interactions cause sudden deviations in quality. That is why companies should digitally monitor and document all parameters and key figures. The choice of resources is equally important. In many cases, the equipment used is capable of meeting quality requirements only to a limited extent. This also applies to operating materials and cleaning media.

Sustainable process control requires knowledge transfer over several stages. Humans play an important role in this. The recently published guideline for quality-assurance process management in component cleaning serves as a guide, supplemented by specialist seminars on the subject of component cleanliness and corrosion protection.

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