What is your product called?
Vocational specialist for industrial parts cleaning within InnoVET CLOU - Future Cluster for Innovative Vocational Education and Training.

What problem does your product solve?
The InnoVET project CLOU, funded by the BMBF, supports the attractiveness, quality and equivalence of vocational education and training compared to higher education, which at the same time makes technical innovations accessible to vocational education. In this overall concept, an additional qualification as a vocational specialist for industrial parts cleaning is being established for the first time.

What is the main benefit of your product for customers?
A sound vocational qualification is the basis for effective implementation and mastery of cleaning processes in production. Based on practical experience in industrial parts cleaning and a completed vocational training, the planned in-service additional qualification teaches both the process engineering fundamentals and the quality-determining interrelationships in the production chain in a practical manner and trains a higher degree of independence in the planning and monitoring of cleaning processes. Training in laboratories of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft ensures that the latest technical and technological innovations are taken into account. As a result, the additional qualification as a vocational specialist with the achievement of the DQR-5 level offers an excellent starting point for further horizontal (transition to higher education) and vertical (further vocational qualification) further training. This is done taking into account the respective company requirements and individual needs as well as the learning background.

How can your product contribute to industrial transformation?
Digitization, use of AI, electromobility, and the hydrogen revolution are just a few of the buzzwords that pose new challenges for industrial parts cleaning in their implementation. This is why this training format is designed to support the targeted transfer of technical innovations from research and development into industrial cleaning practice.

What else is important?
We will provide information on the current status of the project, further details and further training opportunities for industrial cleaning technology at this year's parts2clean in Stuttgart at booth no. B22.

The project has officially started and we are happy to help initiate this new format. You can also get involved! We will provide regular updates on the status of the concept and welcome any suggestions, because this new training format should be tailored to your needs. We are also looking for test persons for a first test. Take the chance to qualify your employees as professional specialists in industrial parts cleaning and without any fees during the test phase! You can also find out more details about the process, as well as information about other industrial cleaning professional development opportunities.

What are you most looking forward to when you think about parts2clean 2021?
As one of the member institutes of the co-organizer (Cleaning Business Unit at Fraunhofer), we are of course looking forward to the exciting presentations and discussions of the expert forum in addition to the exhibition of our projects.