. How can the water required and used be utilized sustainably? How can ongoing operating costs be reduced and productivity increased at the same time? EnviroFALK, manufacturer of water treatment plants, has been responding to these requirements for more than 30 years.

Depending on the application, the solution for sustainable use of process water lies in recirculation. With recirculation technology, water consumption is reduced, recycling of valuable materials is made possible, and the amount of wastewater and energy consumption are reduced. EnviroFALK's clean water recirculation systems are designed and manufactured to meet the exact purification requirements and conditions on site. The treatment processes are carefully selected according to the required degree of purity. All production processes thus receive exactly the water quality they require - for maximum quality and cost-effectiveness. For example, water treatment with closed-loop technology consists of prefiltration, softening, reverse osmosis, UV radiation, ion exchange and ultrafiltration. The complete process water technology is integrated in a closed housing, completely pre-assembled, tested, ready for connection and operation.