In numerous industries and markets, companies are faced with increasing demands regarding the cleanliness of their parts. These can often only be met with precision cleaning processes tailored to requirements. For such applications, UCM has developed the new, cost-efficient ultrasonic cleaning series UCMSmartLine.

Thanks to the cleverly-designed modular concept of the new UCMSmartLine, highly-compact ultrasonic multi-chamber immersion cleaning systems can be realized with three to nine cleaning and rinsing stages for preliminary, intermediate and final cleaning. As a result, the system can be individually configured for a wide range of applications and adapted to changing market conditions at any time. Twin and triple modules are available for the process steps “cleaning & rinsing”, or “cleaning, cleaning & rinsing” and can be combined as desired. With a further module, two-stage fine and precision rinsing processes can be integrated with cascaded osmosis or demineralized water.

The ultrasonic cleaning modules, which are heated and fitted with a filter circuit as standard, can also be adapted to suit a wide range of applications. This enables the use of mono (25, 40, 80 kHz), twin (25/50, 40/80 kHz) as well as multi-frequency ultrasonics (40/80/120 kHz). The ultrasonic transducers are placed at the bottom and/or on one side of the tanks measuring 370 x 420 x 390 mm (L x W x H). The parts are dried by infrared radiation heat, hot air or under vacuum. Depending on the application, these drying technologies can also be used in combination. The loading and unloading stations of the UCMSmartLine can be arranged either at the front or at the side, depending on the space available. These tasks can be performed manually or automatically.

For cleaning applications requiring an exceptionally clean environment, one or two HEPA filters can be installed on the top of the housing, depending on the length of the system. As a rule, two flow boxes are used; these create a cleanroom atmosphere from the last rinsing station to the unloading station. The UCMSmartLine can also be connected up to a cleanroom.