Whether digital transformation, redesigned parts and the new challenges they pose, innovative manufacturing technologies and materials, or tougher demands in terms of the stability, reproducibility and cost efficiency of processes – the changes now taking place in many sectors of industry also have direct implications for parts and surface cleaning. "parts2clean is the world's biggest showcase of technology for consistently reliable and efficient parts cleaning," said Olaf Daebler, Global Director of parts2clean at Deutsche Messe, adding: "The exhibitors will be presenting effective ways of meeting today's and tomorrow's standards." The leading international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning runs from 22 to 24 October in Stuttgart.

Innovations and advancements for every conceivable application

"parts2clean is the place where the market leaders present their new and improved products to the international industrial community," explains Daebler. These include, amongst other things, solutions that combine the deburring and cleaning of parts in a single process and with short cycle times. This enables manufacturers to meet demanding standards for particulate cleanliness. New and improved process technologies for wet chemical cleaning are likewise making it possible to achieve improved cleaning results more quickly. Exhibiting firms will also be showing solutions specially developed to meet new or revised standards in fields such as electromobility or medical technology. Typical examples are dry cleaning processes that can be readily integrated into a linked sequence of production processes. When it comes to cleaning processes, the monitoring of cleaning parameters, cleanliness checks or servicing and maintenance, automation and digitalization are also at the top of the agenda, as will be reflected by exhibitors' showcases.

Special displays covering today's – and tomorrow's – hottest topics

"In addition to individual showcases by exhibiting firms, a top-notch supporting program offers visitors in-depth information, ideas and valuable know-how on every conceivable aspect of parts cleaning," says Daebler. The special "QSREIN 4.0" display staged by the German Industrial Parts Cleaning Association (FiT) serves as a starting point for discourse on adaptive process solutions capable of self-adjusting depending on the condition of the parts involved and the degree of cleanliness required. This facilitates the optimization of processes as well as the mastering of new challenges as they arise.

Another special display at the upcoming show is "Parts Cleaning 4.0 in practice" , which reflects the trend towards automated cleaning and handling solutions and the resulting need for technical information. The display is being co-organized by robotics specialist Stäubli.

At the special display entitled "Process flow in parts cleaning, including cleanliness checks" , industrial cleanliness specialists will be on hand to guide visitors through the steps needed in order to properly achieve, document and maintain any specified degree of parts cleanliness.

Bilingual Industry Forum: a highly valued resource

The three-day Industry Forum that forms part of parts2clean, and whose program is coordinated by the Fraunhofer Cleaning Technology Alliance and FiT, is internationally renowned as a highly valued resource. The talks by senior experts from industry and the scientific and research community – available in simultaneous translation (German <> English) – will show how issues such as the digital transformation, artificial intelligence (AI), simulation and computer-aided process optimization are and have been impacting the world of industrial parts cleaning. Grouped into six sessions, each talk will focus on a different theme: "Cleaning processes", "Cleaning, drying, and maintaining bath hygiene", "QSREIN 4.0 – process solutions for parts cleaning in the future", "Digitalization and automation", "Analytics and industrial cleanliness", and "Cleaning in practice". The full agenda is published on the parts2clean homepage. Admission to the Industry Forum is free of charge for parts2clean attendees.

Guided Tours – the shortest route to best-fit solutions

The Guided Tours offered at parts2clean are a great source of orientation, especially for less experienced users and newcomers to industrial parts and surface cleaning. Taking in selected exhibitor stands that cover each and every link in the process chain, the tours enable visitors to discover relevant solutions and innovations and to identify the most promising suppliers for solving their particular challenges. Tours last about two hours, and are available for groups of up to 25 persons (max.) on all three days of the show. Each tour is led by a trained guide, with commentary in English.