• Cost-effective cleaning and consistent results call for the right solution for each particular job
  • parts2clean 2017 features all the latest technologies and trends
  • Hannover. Whether we are talking about intermediate or final cleaning, the purpose of industrial parts cleaning is to ensure the necessary degree of cleanliness for subsequent processing, or for the long-term, trouble-free functioning of the relevant part or component. Although the required standard of cleanliness (meaning the absence of particulate residues and/or surface films) can vary greatly depending on the particular operation and sector involved, the ultimate aim is to achieve – and in many cases also to document – the desired outcome consistently, quickly, and at the lowest possible cost. Another challenge often faced is to maintain the condition of a work-piece's surface until it undergoes further processing.

    Prospective buyers from around the world will be able to find all the right solutions at the next parts2clean, which takes place from 24 to 26 October 2017 at the Stuttgart exhibition center. "Among industrial users, parts2clean is internationally valued as the No. 1 source of information and market-ready solutions. This is underscored by the fact that 85 percent of the show's attendees are decision-makers", remarked Olaf Daebler, Director of parts2clean at Deutsche Messe.

    The reason why the Leading International Trade Fair for Industrial Parts and Surface Cleaning is so attractive to users from virtually every field of the manufacturing industry, as well as from the MRO sector (maintenance, repair and overhaul), is that the show provides comprehensive coverage of each and every link in the process chain. The range of exhibits spans plant and installations, processes, process media and their conditioning for the degreasing, cleaning and pre-treatment of parts and components, handling and process automation, washer baskets and pallets, clean room technology, quality assurance, test methods and analytical procedures for cleanliness inspection, corrosion protection, preservation and packaging, as well as contract cleaning. In addition, various special formats focusing on specific themes are planned for the show, including deburring and cleaning in electronics production and the cleaning of work-piece containers. But it's not just about the latest technology; it's also about the challenges and the solutions that are being driven by global trends such as electromobility. So experts are predicting that the selective cleaning of functional surfaces will be a key growth area over the coming years. At parts2clean, industrial users will not only get a complete overview of processes, media, and available measures for optimizing processes and costs, but will also be able to make direct comparisons between different, competing technologies. "Our Guided Tour program will also be a big help to trade visitors here," added Daebler.

    Guided Tours – the fast track to know-how and contacts

    These Guided Tours, which are offered in two languages (English and German), will run twice daily throughout the show, taking in selected exhibitor stands. They give visitors the opportunity to gather information about specific areas of interest in industrial parts and surface cleaning. For them it is a quick and easy way to discover relevant solutions and innovations and identify likely suppliers who can solve their problems. The Guided Tours also give participating exhibitors an excellent opportunity to pitch their products and innovations directly to a choice, pre-selected target audience, right at their stands, resulting in new leads and potential sales.

    All there is to know about industrial parts and surface cleaning

    When it comes to knowledge-sharing, parts2clean likewise sets the standard with its three-day Industry Forum. The focus here is on technology basics, strategies for optimizing processes and reducing costs, and quality assurance. There will also be first-hand reports on best-practice applications, as well as discussion of the latest trends and innovations. All presentations given in the parts2clean Industry Forum will be simultaneously translated (German <--> English).