Hannover, Germany. Exhibitors at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center have come armed with numerous new developments and product refinements. This anniversary edition of the event, running until 28 September, is squarely focused on the cleaning transition – as is the supporting program.

The transition taking place in the manufacturing industry is also apparent in the realm of industrial parts and surface cleaning. New products, modified manufacturing technologies and materials and increasingly diversified markets require an adaptation of cleaning processes. Today more than ever, companies are faced with the challenge of adapting their cleaning solutions to the current and future requirements of the various industries and markets. In many cases, this means not only meeting stricter specifications for technical cleanliness in a process-safe and economical way, but also making sure to save energy and resources in the process. “Featuring the world’s most comprehensive and state-of-the-art range of products and services for all areas of industrial parts cleaning, parts2clean is the ideal information and procurement platform for this purpose,” explains Christoph Nowak, Project Director at Deutsche Messe. This year’s event takes into account the trend towards ever-higher levels of cleanliness, which is being driven by industries such as the semiconductor supply industry, high-vacuum technology, electronics manufacturing, e-mobility, precision optics, aerospace, and medical and pharmaceutical technology, resulting in the highlight theme of “High Purity”. “For visitors with the corresponding requirements, we have issued a special guide in addition to the classic list of exhibitors, as well as setting up what we call a High Purity Lane in the hall,” remarks Nowak

But regardless of the type of cleaning task, the versatility of the overall range of products and services enables tradeshow attendees to obtain targeted and efficient information from a range of suppliers regarding solutions for their own specific tasks, which they can then compare. This is underlined by the figures for this year’s leading international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning, which started today and runs through 28 September: On around 4,500 square meters of display space (48,437 sq. ft.), more than 150 exhibitors from 14 countries are showcasing their products and services along the parts cleaning process chain.

Innovations and product refinements in every display sector

The numerous new and further developments presented by exhibitors make a significant contribution to the high quality of the future-oriented range of products and services at the anniversary event. Among other things, the focus is on solutions for meeting increasingly stringent requirements in terms of particulate and filmic cleanliness. Another trending topic, for which new and further developed processes are on show, is dry component cleaning. In addition, the focus is on improved energy and resource efficiency, greater cost-effectiveness and flexibility, and the integration of component cleaning into connected manufacturing processes. “The spectrum ranges from plant and process technology to automation, digitalization and the use of artificial intelligence (AI), clean rooms, media, cleaning containers and workpiece carriers through to water treatment, bath maintenance, cleanliness control, corrosion protection and packaging,” adds Nowak.

Added value: Networking to share know-how and practical experience

Exhibitors’ cross-sector, cross-technology and cross-material offerings are rounded off by an attractive supporting program, offering attendees a wide range of information, ideas and valuable knowledge for the design of cleaning processes which are future-proof and sustainable, as well as being tailored to the specific requirements. This includes the special show “Technical Cleanliness”, which is organized jointly with the Cleaning Excellence Center CEC).

In addition to presentations on current trends and developments and an exciting program of lectures, the German Industrial Parts Cleaning Association (FiT) is presenting a highlight at its special display area: the presentation of the 2nd FiT2clean Award. This annual award, which is endowed with 10,000 euros, honors outstanding achievements and innovative solutions in industrial parts cleaning.

The three-day integrated Expert Forum at parts2clean, with the technical coordination being handled by the Fraunhofer Cleaning Business Unit and the FiT, is one of the most popular sources of knowledge internationally. The simultaneously translated (German <> English) presentations by high-ranking experts from industry and associations, as well as from the scientific and research communities, offer information on basic principles, solutions for optimizing cleaning processes, a wide range of developments and trends in industrial parts and surface cleaning, and benchmark applications in selected industries and innovations dealing with cleaning technology. The program’s highlights include the keynote from Dr. Nicole Smits, Cleanliness Expert at ASML Netherlands B.V, who will be opening the High Purity topic block. Participation at the Expert Forum is free of charge for parts2clean visitors.

The complete program at the Expert Forum, plus information on the trade fair and the exhibitor and product directory, is available on the parts2clean homepage (www.parts2clean.de).