• World's largest range of exhibits covering the complete process chain for parts and surface cleaning
  • Special displays and forums add value and explore the QSRein 4.0 initiative
  • Hannover. The challenges facing manufacturers in industrial parts and surface cleaning are many and varied – and in order to meet them effectively, consistently and economically, it is essential to have products and services that are perfectly designed for the job at hand. parts2clean offers users in industry a platform for information gathering and procurement that is unrivalled anywhere in the world. The facts and figures speak for themselves: Some 240 companies from 16 countries will be presenting solutions for degreasing, cleaning, deburring, demagnetizing, bath maintenance, automation, cleanliness inspection, corrosion protection, and the handling and packaging of cleaned workpieces, all on a display area of some 7,000 square meters. After Germany, the countries with the largest national presence at the leading international trade fair for parts and surface cleaning are Italy, Switzerland, France and Turkey.

    However, as Olaf Daebler, Global Director for parts2clean at Deutsche Messe, points out: "It's not just about the numbers. It's also about the quality of the exhibits, which cover the complete process chain for parts and surface cleaning. parts2clean enables users to find out exactly what solutions are available to deal with the various challenges they face."

    Innovative solutions for current and future requirements

    The Stuttgart show not only addresses today's industrial requirements, but also tomorrow's. This will be amply demonstrated by a host of innovations and new developments to be highlighted. As well as stipulating maximum permissible levels of particulate residues, cleanliness specifications today are increasingly about the removal of surface film contaminants. Selective parts cleaning – typically occurring prior to adhesive bonding or sealing processes – is another trend for which new solutions can be seen at the show. Exhibitors at this year's parts2clean are also showcasing new developments designed to meet the growing need for cleaning systems that are fully integrated into the manufacturing process. Other exhibits will focus on the automation and digitization of cleaning equipment and processes. But the range of innovations on display extends much further and includes plant and process technology, cleaning media, cleaning baths and tanks, workpiece holders, as well as cleanliness inspection, bath maintenance, corrosion protection and packaging.

    Special displays and forums add value

    "Alongside the exhibitor presentations, the wide-ranging supporting program at parts2clean offers users of industrial cleaning technology significant added value", remarked Daebler. At the Industry Forum , lecture-style presentations and field reports covering various aspects of industrial parts and surface cleaning will be given in simultaneous translation (German <-> English), so that the whole event effectively becomes a learning opportunity and a refresher course for industry professionals. The special presentation "Process Flow in Parts Cleaning, Including Cleanliness Checks" offers a further valuable resource for visitors. This year's parts2clean focuses attention on Industry 4.0, with two special formats devoted to the subject. While the Innovations Forum provides general information about new developments in cleaning technology, the Future Forum highlights digitization and networking solutions that specifically relate to the QSRein 4.0 initiative. More on this theme can be seen at the special presentation "Parts Cleaning 4.0 in Practice" , which addresses the impact of Industry 4.0 on cleaning technology.

    Guided Tours help busy and/or less experienced visitors to quickly locate exactly the right exhibitors for their cleaning needs. Led by a trained guide on all three days of the show, the tours provide attending professionals with real-world insight into the planning and implementation of cleaning processes for consistent, cost-effective results.

    The 16th Leading International Trade Fair for Parts and Surface Cleaning begins today at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center, and continues until 25 October.