Hannover/Stuttgart. The range of tasks required for industrial surface and parts cleaning is constantly growing. Companies from all sectors of industry and remanufacturing are faced with the challenge of meeting new and changing requirements for technical cleanliness – not only in a process-reliable and reproducible manner, but also in a way that saves on costs and energy. Among other things, this requires a greater differentiation and adaptation of cleaning solutions to the full array of industries and markets.

“Thanks to the world’s most comprehensive range of offerings along the parts cleaning process chain, parts2clean represents the ideal information and procurement platform for this field,” reports Hendrik Engelking, Global Director at Deutsche Messe. This is underpinned by the facts and figures associated with the world’s leading trade fair, which kicks off today at the Stuttgart exhibition center, hosting some 140 companies from 16 nations. “They will be showcasing both time-tested and brand-new, innovative products and services for all the tasks involved in parts cleaning on over 4,300 square meters of display space,” says Engelking.

Innovations and product refinements for current and future tasks

The focus is not only on current, but also on future cleaning requirements. This is clear from the large number of innovations and product refinements which exhibitors have brought to the Stuttgart exhibition center. In addition to meeting increasingly stringent particulate cleanliness specifications, the focus is on removing filmic contamination. Selective parts cleaning, for example before bonding and sealing processes, is another trend for which new solutions will be on display. For the steadily growing demand for production-integrated cleaning systems, exhibitors at this year's parts2clean will be showcasing new developments. “The spectrum ranges from system and process technology to solutions for automation and digitization, clean rooms, media, cleaning containers and workpiece carriers, as well as bath care, cleanliness control, and corrosion protection and packaging,” reports Engelking. The range of solutions is designed to meet the requirements of both classic industrial sectors and high-tech industries such as electronics, medical, sensor and laser technology as well as the semiconductor supply industry.

Special display and specialist forum produce added value

In addition to exhibitors’ cross-materials, cross-technology and cross-sector offerings, the parts2clean supporting program provides effective support for the stable and efficient handling of individual cleaning tasks. This includes, in the first case, the special show “Process Chain Technical Cleanliness”, organized jointly with the CEC (Cleaning Excellence Center). “This will illustrate the way forward, plus the actual implementation of innovative technologies for achieving reliable parts cleanliness and the associated quality assurance,” remarks Engelking.

The three-day specialist forum at parts2clean – being technically coordinated by the Fraunhofer Cleaning Business Unit along with the Industrial Parts Cleaning Association (FiT) – represents one of the world’s most prestigious sources of knowledge and expertise. “In simultaneously translated presentations and field reports (German <> English), leading experts from research, science, associations and industry will provide information on a wide range of topics, including the latest trends in industrial surface and parts cleaning,” explains Engelking. Attendance at the specialist forum is free of charge for parts2clean visitors. In addition, this year’s program of lectures and presentations at the specialist forum will once again be broadcast live on the parts2clean event website.